Microfiber & Terry Cotton Bathrobe


  • Imported
  • Microfiber ans Terry Cotton 
  • Durable
  • Super Soft, & Absorbent
  • Washable
  • Unisex
  • 56" L


Microfiber & Terry Cotton Bathrobe is a beautiful addition to any Household, Spa or Hotel!

Microfiber & Terry Cotton Bathrobe combines two robes in one, is a result of the fusion of two fabrics.

Additionally,  made from super soft brushed microfiber, while the cotton blend terry lining is soft and absorbent, creating the best of both worlds.

Plus, it has many uses besides drying. Elegant and comfortable. Unisex.

Also, the softness and durability is what makes terry cotton  are an excellent choice.

Furthermore, our bathrobes will keep you warm after your shower. Plus, these bathrobes are super soft, absorbent, durable, and washable.

As a result, provide a comfortable and healthy experience and enjoy the splendor of the cotton bathrobe today in your home, spa or hotel. In fact, we offer to customize with the logo of the hotel, spa or resort.

In addition, it is comfortable alone or over pajamas. Fits comfortably with a belt. It has two pockets. A bathrobe is an ideal gift for your wife, mother, daughter, or friend. . Also make thoughtful gifts for weddings, showers, anniversary, or even for your college student as they leave for the first time.

Or grab some for your friends, they'll definitely enjoy having an extra pair!

Lastly, it's a high-quality soft robe that your loved one is sure to enjoy!

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