Storage Bag Shape Dual Handles Organizer


  • Sold per Set/ Offer Pay 1 Get 2
  • 100% Eco-Friendly
  • Anti Mold
  • Strong Zipper
  • Extra Storage with clear window
  • Multipurpose Storage Options
  • Dimension 23.6 "x 19.5" x 11.7 "


Easily and quickly organize blankets, comforters, linen cloth and much more with Storage Bag Shape Dual Handles Organizer!

Our storage Bag Shape Dual Handles Organizer with Zipper  is completely breathable and 100% Eco-friendly. The storage bags made with fabric that allows air to circulate inside, ultimately keeping stored items fresh for longer.

Additionally, Our zipper is much bigger and stronger others small ones. You can find the clothes, blankets, comforts conveniently and quickly by clear window without opening the storage bags.
You can compare our handles with other's simple one handle in the photo. Our handles are much stronger and durable. Then you can use the storage bags long time to store your comforter, clothes, blankets or quilts.

Furthermore, has multipurpose storage options serves Closet storage bag perfect for storage Clothes, Comforters, Quilt, Blanket, Pillows, Garments, Sweaters etc. The all season items from dust proof and moisture proof. Measures is 23.6 "x 19.5" x 11.7 ".

Alternatively,  aesthetics, practice and saves space, convenient for hotels, resort and spa. It is a fabulous detail to offer the Guest.  In addition, transparent plastic window in front you can see clearly what is inside and find exactly.

Large Size, Perfect for Bulky Items, such as duvets,pillows,comforters, blankets, sweaters, down jackets etc.. three side open with double side Zippers, very easy to open and take out your items.




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