Velour Slippers Close Toe Recycle


  • Sold Per 12 pairs or 100 pairs/case
  • Two size 28" or 32"
  • 100% Cotton
  • Super Soft & conformable
  • comes individual bag per pair
  • anti slip sole


Velour Slippers Close Toe Recycle is a great addition for guests in any room

Velour Slippers Close Toe Recycle is an excellent addition for guests in any room. A perfect gift to pamper the guests. Made with high-quality anti-slip sole. Washable and practical.

The terry cotton material offers comfort, durability and, at the same time, makes them very absorbent of water. In addition, our shoes come in two sizes, M and XL.

Furthermore, Ideal for Home, Hotel, Spa and more. In Fact, we offer to customize with the hotels, spa or resort logo. Recyclable, disposable material. One size covers M-L.

In addition, the biodegradable bag is an excellent presentation for the guest offering a clean and aesthetic image. They offer safety, they have an anti-slip sole. Comes an individually wrapped, easy to carry on the go and useful for temporary use and short term home guest.

Velour Slippers close toe, help you relax your feet. The unique non-slip design greatly enhances the friction with the ground. Disposable slippers are perfect for people with cleansing or sensitive skin. Because they don't have to worry about the cleaning of the before using the person.



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