Set of bath for the Summer


  • Sold by set 5 Items
  • One Bottle Body Wash Damana 10.14 Oz
  • One Bottle Body Lotion Damana 10.14 Oz
  • One Bath Belt
  • One Bath Brush with Massage in Bamboo.
  • Once Bath Glove
  • All natural ramie, bamboo fiber, cotton fabrication.


Set of bath for the Summer 100% Organic, to take care of the skin of the sun. Embellish and care for your skin with our bathroom set.

Set of Bath for the summer 100% Organic, to take care of the skin of the sun. Our Organic Bath set for personal skin care comes with five essential items for all in one bath and skin massage experience. Use this set to maximize your bath experience by setting up a spa like environment.

Additionally, our bath set for personal skin care will enhance any bath experience as it provides all the natural bamboo and cotton derived manufacture. Exfoliate dead skin when using the bath brush dry. Then cleanse and moisturize with the all natural sponges and loofah.

Besides, The organic bath setup is perfect for houses, hotels and resorts. Improve your guest experience by including this combo along with other easy to use everyday comfort bath products we offer.

Alternatively, Improve and hydrate your skin with Body Wash & Lotion enhanced with extracts of orange blossom. Summer is the most loved and hottest season. It is the perfect time for vacations, swimming, and sunbathing. It is an excellent opportunity to take care your skin and prepared it for the summer with Hand & Body Lotion enhanced with extracts of orange blossom.

In addition, another benefit of adding orange blossom is its ability to make your skin soft and glowing. It will help moisturize your skin and makes it feel like satin all day long. It helps in soothing skin irritations and reduces the redness that comes with irritated skin. Body wash made with a variety of selected plants. Enriched with natural and relaxing extracts of sage. Providing the hair shine and softness.

Furthermore, the constant use of our Hand & Body Lotion  by  Damana will give you soft skin and radiant hair. It is light, with a pleasant and balanced aroma, it is quickly observed and its effect is long lasting. Made in France.

Enjoy Summer caring for your skin with our bathroom set. Beauty forever!!!!!!!!



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