About American Galindez Inc.

Our Mission

Our mission as a leading hotel and hospitality amenities distributor and vendor is to always deliver a quality product to our clientele worldwide. Our products are used regularly by Hotels, Resorts, and Spas internationally. We stand behind our quality products because we believe in the core values of our company, which are: Quality, Client satisfaction, and ethical sourcing. We invite you to shop with us and improve your client satisfaction through our broad selection of hospitality and home supplies.

Our Story

Since the age of eighteen, America Galindez has been working in the hospitality industry; with humble beginnings, she started working in textiles and began her first business in Venezuela. She has dedicated and spent her whole career manufacturing hotel products and keeping up with the ever changing Hospitality supply trends. Her expertise in quality control along with product choice that was perfected over the years, is a result of a hard-earned work ethic. She chooses the best of quality product-supplies, and has a meticulous quality control and fabrication monitoring system in place. America delivers the best products for the best prices in the market, never compromising quality and client satisfaction.
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