ProNature Personal Care Kit


  • Each Personal Care Kit Contains the Following:
    • 1 Pre-threaded Sewing Kit
    • 1 Nail File Emery Board
    • 2 Cotton Swabs
    • 2 Cotton Pads
  • Packaging is made from recycled biodegradable materials


The ProNature Personal Care Kit is perfect for the efficient person who's on-the-go!

ProNature Personal Care Kit comes with essentials that people sometimes forget to pack with them. Nail Files, Cotton swabs, cotton pads, and a sewing kit!

The travel size nail files are durable emery boards that are conveniently small. The resilient cotton pads will clean up any mess. The pre-threaded kits are convenient, perfect for someone who is in need of a quick fix.

Additionally, the recycled packaging consists of former plastic bottles and boxes. We also print using soy-based ink!

Furthermore, we don't test on animals. This is due to our EcoWell dedication! We firmly believe animal testing is cruel and unnecessary.

Any consumers can rest assured that we are doing our best in providing a quality product.

Consequently, ProNature is one of the most environmentally friendly programs offered today!

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