Terra Pure Green Tea Retail Pump Shampoo


  • 10.14 oz. bottle of shampoo
  • Made with organic olive oil, aloe vera, and pure honey
  • Leaves hair with a long-lasting shine and beautiful scent
  • Made with recycled biodegradable packaging
  • Each unit has 1 individual bottles


Terra Pure Green Tea Retail Pump Shampoo brings elegance and class to all who use it.

Made with pure ingredients and packaged using recycled paper and 100% soy based ink, Terra Pure Green Tea Retail Pump Shampoo is one of the most environmentally friendly amenity products available today.

Furthermore, this hair product doesn't have annoying chemical fragrances, colors, or preservatives. We emphasize natural and organic materials, and this product embodies that ideal. Guests come back wanting more and more every single time, no amount is truly sufficient!

This shampoo ensure a long-lasting shine and a subtle yet elegant scent.

In addition to that, this eco-case comes with a larger amount of lotion (10.14 ounces), perfect for retailers or individuals who don't care for the smaller sizes.

Additionally, Organic aloe, honey, and olive oil are in each bottle. Also, both the body and cleansing bars have a natural olive and palm oil base, enriched with soothing aloe.

The superior formulations and exquisite design of Terra Pure Green Tea exemplify quality.

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