Waffle Bathrobe


  • Price Per Unit
  • Waffle Fabric Cotton
  • Bright White
  • One Size Fits All
  • Kimono Style
  • 2 Pockets
  • 54" L


Waffle Bathrobe 100% Cotton

Spas choose the lightweight waffle kimonos for their outstanding blend of comfort and performance. The robe’s crisp, minimalist lines are ideal for moving around as well as relaxing by the poolside. In addition, the lightweight waffle fabric is easy to wash and dries very quickly.

About Waffle Fabric

Waffle, or sometimes honeycomb fabric is fabric, usually cotton , woven in a way which makes it very absorbent. The waffle weave also allows air to flow through the towel so that it dries quickly. Waffle fabrics are made in a range of weights.

Waffle fabric is used for cleaning surfaces in industry. The surface of the fabric is textured rather like a culinary waffle, hence the name. This texture gives more surface area for absorption and cleaning than a normal flat surface. It is woven on a loom, and is therefore more durable than many chemically produced fibers. It is not a mechanical or chemical process that can be washed off after thorough or heavy use.


100% Waffle Fabric Cotton, 2 pockets, Kimono Style, durable and comfortable.


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