Shower Curtain Hookless Illusion White


  • Dimension 71 x 77"
  • Illusion White.
  • Translucent Voile Window
  • Plain-weave 100% polyester fabric
  • It's a Snap!™ removable line


Enjoy our pleasant and private hookless illusion white shower curtain and stay secure and in style!

The Hookless Illusion White shower curtain combines the sleek simplicity of our plain-weave 100% polyester fabric combined with valuable features such as a translucent voile window and removable It's A Snap!™ line. Other features include chrome plated Flex-On® rings, It's A Snap™ removable liner and the translucent window to let light into the shower!

Furthermore, the dimensions are 71  x 77", so that you are able to ensure that you're covered.

In addition to the quality, depending on the occasion, this makes for an excellent gift too! New homeowners or individuals looking to make their homes a little classier, this is the gift to give! Practical, classic design, and affordable!

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