100% Organic Cotton Bath Towels


  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Double border
  • This offer:
    • 2 units
  • 56" x 30"
  • 2/20 yarn
  • 18 lb weight is calculated per dozen
  • White Color
  • 100 % premium GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)


Enjoy our incredible 100 % Organic Cotton Bath Towels, soft, absorbent, durable and more!

100% Organic Cotton  Bath Towels come with 2 pieces with certified organic cotton. This luxurious towel is Eco-friendly, washable, and resistant. Made in Turkey  This results in a high quality product! We guarantee a long-lasting life!2/20 yarn is what makes up this bath towel and it provides a smooth texture when it makes contact with the skin!

Furthermore, our 100% cotton is chemical-free, pesticides and genetically modified seeds. This product also helps to aid the environment!

       Their comfort is unparalleled, so wearing them just around the house is another option and reason for buying them. Or grab some for friends, they will definitely enjoy having an extra pair!

As a result, we've placed more emphasis on acquiring goods that are organic and Eco-friendly. Soft, fluffy and absorbent. Furthermore, the terry loops offer a regenerating pampering massage and sense of well-being.

Additionally, the 100% organic bath towels feels excellent after coming out of the bath or pool, is super-soft and absorbent, and it takes in water with ease. Solid white and beautiful! Reinforced double border edges provide a better quality bath mat that you are certain to enjoy!

Satisfaction Guaranteed our 100% Organic Cotton Bath Towel !!!!!


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