Recycled Newspaper Pencils


  • Sold per case
  • MOQ 2500
  • 100% Recycled newspaper
  •  5 or 7 "long
  • Customize with logo
  • Write smooth and consistent
  • Great for all uses: writing, drawing, sketching and drafting


Recycled Newspaper pencils are completely tree free. Made in from 100% Recycled Newspaper. Helps to preserve the environment.

Recycled Newspaper pencils has the technique is process “turns the paper back into wood” making the pencils just as hard and solid as wood. Additionally, They write smooth and consistent, sharpen easily, and support recycling.

Furthermore, great use for all ages, arts and crafts, school, home and at the office. Let's help conserve the environment, using these pencils, create awareness in the workplace, in your home or at school.

Indeed, If you wish to customize this item with your logo or artwork, you must purchase at least 2500 pieces. Perfect for promotions in Hotels, Resort and more. You can choose two measures 5 and 7 "long.

In Fact, 14 billion pencils are sold worldwide every year. That’s a lot of trees! The result? A great solution to help the environment, A high-quality pencil made of 100% recycled newspaper that lasts longer, wastes less, and is simply more fun to use. I think this is an example of sustainability at its best. Also, this set is made from newspapers tightly rolled around high quality number 2 graphite.

However, through an incredible and environmentally-responsible retrieval process, old paper now has a new life as a unique and functional pencil!

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