Pet Friendly Cabana Outdoor

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  • Sold per Unit
  • Eco-Friendly
  • 100% Teak Wood
  • Dimension 40 x 76 x 78"


Pet living and outdoor living living are usually considered two joints scenes outdoor!

Pet Friendly Cabana Is your hotel pet friendly? Then, your guests will love to chill in this cabana. The construction is rather simple and has the form of wooden carcass. A small sofa with shed and a wooden house for a small dog or cat, which may be rearranged in three different positions. As a result, you may get either two sitting places with a small house in the middle, or a small two-seat sofa with the house located on the edge.

Pet Friendly Cabana is an excellent option for outdoor, its versatility, elegance, resistant, dynamic and sophisticated. Made with Teak wood, this chic and simple design features the harmonies of cosmopolitan architecture, resistant, dynamic and sophisticated.

Furthermore, Pet Friendly Cabana is best for Hotel, Beach projects and Home. It is  functional that can be used both as a lounger and bed. This new Outdoor Furniture displays beauty, comfort and durability.

Additionally, this space would not be complete without these chic Pet Friendly Cabana Outdoor? these fully flexible, functional and fashionable frames let you choose a complete with a bed, cozy cushions. Outdoor cabana instantly gives a vacation feel for you and your pet . Whether by the pool, in the garden, on a patio or deck, you immerse into a relaxing retreat while enhancing your property.

Adjustable and movable components allow for the configuration you like. Pillows, chaise cushions, drapery, and canopy included, making this the perfect private escape or deluxe outdoor daybed for pet. Reclining backrests allows adjustment for optimal comfort positioning.

Adults and children alike will love your new cabana , whether or not you have a pool outside. Since cabanas are such a versatile structure, having one in your own yard can be a worthwhile investment, in addition to the lifestyle benefits they afford.

 Pet Friendly Cabana Outdoor will bring fun and function to your outdoors !

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