Ironing Board XL Plus Plus Garment Shelf


  • Sold Individually
  • Iron board is  safely and securely
  • Garment Shelf sits under the board
  • Extra storage space
  • Adjustable height up to 38-Inch
  • Metal Mesh top
  • Dimension 51 x 19"


Ironing Board XL Plus Garment Shelf, Thick Pad and 100% Cotton Cover

Ironing Board XL has extra wide size provides plenty of ironing surface to press large or small items and the iron safely rests on the iron holster rather than taking up precious ironing board surface or risk scorching garments.

The 100% cotton cover  pad provides a smooth ironing surface and the vented metal top increases steam flow. Additionally, just pressed clothing can either be hung off the iron rest storage bars or folded and placed on the garment shelf under the board.

Iron board is  safely and securely, hot or cold. Garment Shelf sits under the board ans provides extra storage space. Adjustable height up to 38-Inch; metal Mesh top for optimal steam flow. Dimension 51 x 19"

Ironing Board XL  provides the storage and organization that is needed to make everyday ironing tasks easy, safe, and quick!

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