Down Around Pillow


  • Pillow-in-pillow construction
  • Hyper clean
  • 95% natural duck feather fill
  • 100 percent 300-Thread Count Cotton Cover
  • Alertest Fabric prevents dust, dirt, and allergen exposure


Impress anyone and everyone with this unique Down Around Pillow!

Made from a unique pillow-in-pillow construction, the down around pillow is the perfect addition to any room! Classically designed, it will complement any style or façade!

Furthermore, made of hyper clean 95% natural duck feather, this pillow is of the highest quality and the utmost comfort.

Additionally, the cover is made from 100% 300-thread count cotton. Also, the Alertest Fabric feature prevents dust, dirt, and allergen exposure. Perfect for anyone with any allergies or skin conditions!

This pillow is a must-have, and makes for an excellent housewarming gift! It's classy, functional, and affordable, it has it all!

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