Vellux Blanket


  • Price Per Unit
  • 100% Nylon on an Insulating Base
  • Machine Washable
  • Sizes Available:
    • King: 108" x 90"
    • Queen: 90" x 90"
    • Full: 80" x 90"
  • Colors Available:
    • Burgundy
    • Navy
    • Ivory
    • Grey
    • Green
    • Khaki


This wonderful vellux blanket will warm and soften everyone who comes into contact with it, it is the best in warmth!

Additionally, it's made of durable 100% polyester fleece for the softest feel and to provide substantial warmth in a lighter-weight blanket. It provides all of the warmth with none of the weight! It's ideal for feeling comfortable and warm, as a result the vellux blanket is the best.

Furthermore, the Super Soft Fleece blanket is machine washable, and it gets softer and softer after every wash! We recommend you wash it separately from other materials, and without clorox! Also, we recommend you put it in the tumble dry cycle on warm heat (not hot!)

We offer a wide variety of colors that is certain to make any room more comfortable!

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