Premium Wooden Hangers Set Combo Anti-Slip


  • This combo comes:
    6 hangers with U Notches / 6 Shirt hanger with metal clips
    12 hangers with U Notches/ 12 Shirt hanger with metal clips
  • Anti-Slip
  • Solid premium hardwood
  • Natural Stain Finish
  • Smooth Lacquer
  • Polished chrome swivel hook
  • Dimensions 20 x 5 x 20"


Great Combo Wooden Hanger Anti Slip in two presentations your can buy mixed in a single box

Premium Wooden Hangers Set Combo Anti Slip, is a great offer, you can buy in mixed sets of maple wood-hanger. This combo comes with the selection of wood-hanger with metal clips and hanger with U notches both in a single box. You can buy 6 or 12 pieces of each type of these hooks in a single box.  This Set combo comes in a variety of sets for different clothing, pants, shirts and costumes. These Maple wood-hangers are both beautiful and essential for any bedroom.

Furthermore, this item is made in Maple wood with a slip resistant system and a chrome hook. Finished with a natural clear stain. The non-slip wood hangers are high quality. Always keeping your clothing static and wrinkle free. These Non-Slip Maple Wood clothes are sturdy and can hold more than one item or heavier items. With all these features included, the no slip wood hanger is also made of natural maple wood. It has a universal closet design and is crafted with your comfort in mind. The entire variety of hangers is made using the same Maple wood but the features vary at your convenience and with this Como Wooden Hanger Anti Slip, you will save money and enjoy a great purchase.

Purchase bundles of matching sets for your home, business or hotel sets with Premium Wooden Hangers Set Combo Anti Slip!



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