Corers Tool for Fruit & Vegetables


  • Easy to remove the core of fruit and vegetable
  • Material: Food-grade plastic
  • Sharp yet safe to use
  • 2 Progressive Pepper corers - Core and seed with a single twist!
  • Two sizes; one for large peppers, one for small, Perfect to avoid hot pepper burns
  • Corers snap together for easy storage
  • Safe for dishwasher


Corer Tools Quick To Remove The Seeds Of Your Veggie or Fruits.

Whether you love making stuffed Fruit & Vegetables, or add perfect apple squares to your salads Corers Tool makes coring them out simple and easy.

Just insert the pointed tips of this durable nylon kitchen tool into the Fruit or Vegetable- twist and pull. If you are making a fruit shake and don't want those seeds in your drinks, then make use of the Easy Corer. Its sharp yet safe design ensures a precise as well as a safer cut every time. No more in-even apple squares in your salads from poor cutting techniques while avoiding the stems and seeds. Get more out of your apples, both visually and practically.

The Corers tool for Fruit & Vegetables can make the perfect hand tool for core removal both at home or on the go, why limit its use? it can be perfect for camping as this item's easy storage design is safe to throw into any bag on the road. This hot item will spice up your cooking experience as you expand your productivity in meal prep.

Get it now! Corers tool for fruit & Vegetables!

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