Cutting Board & Strainer over the sink


  • Cutting board extends extra long to fit most size kitchen sinks
  • Includes removable silicone colander
  • Colander collapses so it is easy to store and stainless rim holds it firmly in place
  • Made of food grade silicone and food grade polypropylene- 100% BPA and
  • Naphthalene free
  • Easy to clean- dishwasher safe


Practical and functional to use Cutting Board & Strainer over the sink!

Cutting Board & Strainer over over the sink with collapsible colander easily sits on any sink at any angle you choose. In addition, This is dishwasher and heat proof so its uses are endless over the sink or on the counter top as well.  Furthermore, The removable Colander is also collapsible for easy storage.

In Fact, You can be used for anything from Pasta prep to mixing and cutting your favorite fruit or chicken salad in the same area with less dirty dishes.

Besides, the colander is safer to use than any average plastic colander as it is 100% BPA and Naphthalene free.  Take advantage of the opportunity to prepare your healthy meals on a chemical free cutting board and strainer. Measures 19.25 " x 10.5 ".

Likewise, No more slipping and sliding with average cutting boards. Also, The superior design  cutting board  comes with food grade silicone edging on the handle. Gives you the grip and support necessary as you make those precise cuts, less risk of getting those unwanted cuts on your fingers.

Indeed, dimensions  11.5 "x 20". Multinacional: strainer that is removable and collapsible. Easy storage. Non-slip rubber edges grip surfaces to keep the board securely in place during use.Basket can be used separately as a colander. Dishwasher safe

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