Eco Finest Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Gel


  • Sold per unit and case
  • 75% Ethyl Alcohol, Moisturizer and Vitamin E
  • Comes 2 Oz and Gallon
  • FDA Certification
  • Meets the Guidelines Outlined by C.D.C. (Center of Disease Control and Prevention)
  • eliminates 99.9% of common germs


Eco Finest Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Gel, protects and cleans your hands against  germs 99.9%. Enriched with moisturizer & vitamin E.

Eco Finest Hand sanitizer refreshing gel, clean your hands easily and quickly. In addition, eliminates 99.9% of common germs. Furthermore, combination of moisturizer and vitamin E, it is an excellent option for frequent use. Evaporates instantly, germs don’t become resistant.  75% Ethyl Alcohol Meets the Guidelines Outlined by the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) and C.D.C. (Center of Disease Control and Prevention)

Likewise, it is ideal to use in the office, home, car, school, or anywhere. Allows you to clean your hands anytime, anywhere. Keeping your hands clean from dirt and germs, protecting you and your family from illness. The mild formula is safe to use frequently during the day, leaving your hands soft and moisturized.

Additionally, easy to use. Simply apply enough product on hands to cover both hand surfaces completely, then rub hands together until hands are dry. Do not rinse hands or wipe off the hand sanitizer before it is dry. Perfect for bringing with you to the grocery store, gym or pharmacy. Quickly and completely evaporates from the skin leaving no residue

In fact, we have two presentations,  travel size 2 oz. and in gallon. Our 2 Ounce Flip Cap Bottle Makes It the Perfect Travel Companion For School, Offices, Your Car, Purse, Pocket, Businesses, Home, & More.

Protect yourself from germs safely and easily with our Eco Finest Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Gel!!!!!!

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