Bathroom Accessories Set & Mother of Pearl decoration


  • Sold per Set
  • Material: Mother of Pearl and Resin
  • Hand Made
  • Imported


Bathroom Accessories set & Mother of Pearl decoration, is an excellent and practical option to provide the fabulous bathroom image!!

Bathroom Accessories set & Mother of Pearl decoration is  design made with resin, resistant to use and with an impeccable finish. Additionally it has an mother-of-pearl decoration. Handmade This special detail will give y an exquisite image and fancy of home, hotel and spa. Ergonomically designed so that the soap and tissue holder stays.

Additionally, Soap dries faster between each use, reducing bacteria growth in our Soap Dish. Keep your soap where you need it, and waste off your counters. Easy to clean. The tissue holder adapts easily to tissue boxes, giving a decorative and practical appearance to your bathroom.

Indeed, to care avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Clean using a soft slightly  damp cloth. Never use alcohol or any solvents.

The high quality in one place, even when wet. Ideal for bathtubs, showers, Stylish, functional and affordable. Use provides long-lasting quality.

  • Material: Mother of Pearl and Resin
  • Shape Rectangular
  • Hand made
  • Imported

Additionally, it is hard as stone but light, retaining its translucent look, easy to clean and hold. Hand Molded.

Beautify the bathroom with this gorgeous detail with mother of pearl decoration!


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