Mother of Pearl Soap Sponge integrated


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  • For All skin
  • Mother Of Pearl
  • 4.2 Oz
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Mother of Pearl Soap Sponge , Soap with integrated sponge lightening effect. Shell Nacre Clarifies, evens and softens the skin.

Mother of Pearl Soap Sponge, for all skin types. Additionally, Made with Nacre Shell. The soap dissolves on contact with water and allows the use of the sponge Glycerin-based soap on the outside Sponge with a soft texture on the inside.

In fact, when moistening the Integral Sponge Soap on the skin, it is advisable to give circular massages, the lightening with pearl shell helps to reduce skin blemishes. Furthermore, Keep your skin tone even with our 2-in-1 integrated sponge soap, formulated with mother-of-pearl shell for daily use.

As a result , formed with a Special Anti Bacterial Formula, clinically tested. Cleans Moisturizes and softens your skin. Provides relaxation, softness, helps to lighten skin blemishes. These soaps are for all skin types, it cleanses, hydrates and softens the skin. How to use: Moisten the soap sponge until rich foam is formed. Apply the soap as you normally would in a bath or shower. Rinse off the soap and let it dry.

Indeed, with the exfoliation provided by the soap integrated with the sponge, it helps circulation and relaxation. The result is bright and radiant skin. Made made with shell cream, nopal extract, glycerin.

Cleanses, Moisturizes and softens your skin.


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