Botanical Hand & Body Lotion | Made in France

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  • Comes with
  •  1 10.14 oz. bottle of body and hair gel
  • Made in France
  • Contains walnut extract
  • Constant use will increase body and hair well being.
  • Dermatological


Botanical Hand & Body Lotion with Stimulating Extracts of Walnut made in France!

Made with a variety of selected plants, our Botanical Hand & Body Lotion contains beneficial substances providing softness, hydration and rejuvenation.

In addition, enriched with natural and relaxing extracts of walnut , a plant typical of sunny regions, known for their medicinal and aromatic properties. Practiced from generation to generation, results in this extraordinary product.

Furthermore,  Botanical hand & Body Lotion are enriched with herbal extracts and subtle perfumes of natural aromas. Made with ingredients that rejoice in the earth and the sun.

In addition, the constant use of our Botanical & Body Lotion will give you soft skin and radiant hair, as a result, due to sage and natural ingredients.

Furthermore, aroma of our provides a pleasant and relaxing sensation on the skin and the hair.

The superior formulations and exquisite design of  pure bath line Terra Pure set exemplify quality.

Enhance and embellish you skin with the essential and Natural body lotion, made with natural elements!!!!!

Made in France with the prestige of French cosmetology with high quality and excellent result. Customers can buy this product in our web store with an affordable price.

You'll be able to purchase this excellent product at an amazing price!

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