Body Lotions

Body lotion is one of the main elements to keep the skin young and hydrated

Body Lotion provides softness and hydration to the skin. Constant use will give an excellent result. Inspired in the purity of the elements of nature. Combines the richness of the extract of the sage leaves, sage, salvia, aloe Vera and orange flowers and white nettle. Made with a variety of selected plants. It is organic and healthy.

Furthermore, enriched with herbal extracts and subtle perfumes with natural scents. Offer pleasure and well-being to your guests, while gentle to the environment.Made with a natural olive oil and palm oil base, the fresh citrus body bars and cleansing bars enrich users with soothing aloe and other organic ingredients.

Finally, from ocean front properties to mountain retreats to luxury resorts across the country,  brings a tasteful and welcoming atmosphere to each room!

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