Island Spa Conditioner


  • Imbued with olive oil, organic honey, and pure aloe vera
  • Tranquil Tropical Citrus Fragrance
  • 1.75 oz per individual bottle
  • 300 units included per case
  • Environmentally Friendly


Created with pure ingredients and a luxurious look, this Island Spa Conditioner brings a bright elegance to each guest's room.

Olive oil, organic honey, and pure aloe vera are all imbued in the island spa conditioner. Lightly scented in a tranquil tropical fragrance!

Furthermore, the body and cleansing bars are enriched with soothing aloe, natural olive and palm oil. This generates a fresh alluring citrus fragrance! Subtle and not too overbearing, the scent is certain to please even the most stubborn of guests.

Lastly, everyone will enjoy the clean & natural products, and appreciate the option to have an environmentally friendly choice!

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