Bamboo Fiber Body Brush


  • Sol per unit, Bamboo Wodeen, Dry Brusing, exfoliating, reduces cellulite, relieves stress and anxiety, releases toxins, help brightes skin, tightes skin, improved circulation and the sympathetic system,Energy and Blood Flow, Clean Pores. Removable handle, double handle. Dimension producto: 16.7x 4.1/4x 1.9"


Massage, clean, and rejuvenate your skin with the Bamboo Bath brush!

Introducing the Bamboo bath brush, a 16"  bath skin cleanser with handle to scrub, clean and rejuvenate those hard to reach body places. The brush is made of the finest natural bamboo fibers in order to deliver an all-in-one skin cleaner. Use it dry to massage and exfoliate dead skin, or use it directly with soap or body wash to do both cleansing and moisturizing in one go.

Features of the bamboo bath brush:

  • Light weight and easy to store.
  • mildew resistant bamboo fibers.
  • 16" length
  • Natural fine bamboo fibers.

The bamboo skin cleanser is not like other conventional loofahs and skin scrubbers that are full of skin irritants and plastics. This product is both effective, yet visually appealing with natural wood and bamboo fibers. Use this bath brush and notice the difference in quality. You can purchase this item in bulk for any hospitality solution. You may also order whole bathroom sets combined with other bath amenities for multiple bathrooms and bath settings.

This scrubber also offers therapeutic effects to the skin; as it gently massages those hard to reach body areas. It also promotes conditioning of the skin by allowing moisturizing soaps to both cleanse and nourish those hard to reach places.

















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