Sleeping Kit Green Tea comfortable for relaxation


  • Sold per case
  • Case/20 Sleeping Kit Green Tea
  • 1 Mask and 1 earplug pair
  • Green Tea Essences
  • Imported
  • We can do with custom logo


Sleeping kit Green Tea  is Comfortable for Relaxation. Additionally, it has the essence of green tea in the mask. Perfect to sleeping in a plane, hotel, house and more.

Sleeping kit Green Tea you sleep soundly, on a hectic travel or work schedule, on a plane or in your home. Our sleeping mask with natural Green Tea essences and ear plugs, are an excellent option for healthy and restful sleep.

Furthermore, our set contains a biodegradable bag, contains a sleeping mask with essences of green tea and case with a pair of earplug. Ideal size to store anywhere. Enjoy flights, buses, cars, train trips, daytime sleep at home, efficiently blocking ALL lights and ambient sounds!

LIGHTWEIGHT, SOFT, RELAXING: our mask contours around your eyes, hugs your face and head and not creates unwelcome pressure points. Thanks to its adjustable head strap, it accommodates all head circumferences and is ideal for men, women and girls alike. Green Tea Extract has way more hydrating ability than the purified water used in most skin care products. The result is a Green Tea Extract naturally infused with high amounts of antioxidants, amino acids, minerals and vitamins that helps provide healthy moisture to all skin types.

Sleep pleasantly with our sleeping kit  sustainable wherever you want.




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