Modern table made of teak wood


  • Sold per unit
  • Made teak wood
  • Handmade
  • Import from Thailand
  • Stainless Steel
  • ¬†Dimension 82 x 220 c 69 cm.


Modern table made of teak wood, add the touch of elegance and avant-garde to your patio.

Modern table made of teak wood, durable and provides that magic that harmonizes the decoration. A Thai manufacturer,  have created this outdoor furniture collection that inspired by insect. This collection composed by a side table, an end table and a coffee table. Made of teak wood with stainless steel legs these furniture looks like no insect, but when you see it you will know that they are inspired by insect. You can place it indoor or outdoor and make it looks alive.

Outdoor lifestyle is synonymous with rest, relaxation and taking those moments as a treasure. Made with great quality and beautiful designs. The perfection combined with high quality materials are the best option to enrich your space whether it is in your home, spa, hotel or resort.

In addition, crafted out of teak wood and finished with stainless steel legs, the pieces making up the Insect Collection. Although the shapes are abstract and organic as a whole, there is a realistic nature about them that will immediately recall a grasshopper, water bug and everything in between. Made for outdoor use, the collection can be used at accent tables.

Besides, This table has are 82 x 220 c 69 cm. The shapes are organic and abstract, but somehow still very realistic. Also, the stainless steel work is also very well done. The curves and joints of the legs make these tables appear to be in motion.

Furthermore, They can also be used indoors to create a natural and original environment.

Even those who are not particularly fond of insects will appreciate this highly inspired collection!



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