Embroidered Espadrilles Sneaker in Blue Jeans


  • Sold per pair
  • Imported
  • Handmade
  • Size 5 to 10
  • Cotton canvas upper
  • Anti-slip sole


Embroidered Espadrilles Sneaker in Blue Jeans, ‚Äčit's the comfiest way to get around. Beautiful colors and feel your feet comfortable.

Embroidered Espadrilles Sneaker in blue jean, these platform sneakers feature espadrille styling. In addition, Upper's texture lends an artisan vibe to whatever you pair with it.

Furthermore, made with natural materials. Durable blue jeans fabric, natural rubber sole and jute with genuine lining. Besides, they may feel snug at first but after the first wear, they will stretch for a custom-like fit.

Additionally, It's the comfiest way to get around, the round toe molds your feet comfortably. Diversity of colors combined make our espadrille sneaker authentic. 100% Handmade.

Also, We offer from size 5 to 10. The height of the platform is 2 inches. Enjoy our espadrilles, each pair is unique. Soft padded sole. Besides, a super soft and more sustainable option.

In fact, our espadrilles are lightweight, easy to combine for any occasion. You can use it for casual, work, vacations, vacations, parties, clubs, appointments, school, shopping, outdoors.

Our platform on sneaker is made with the softest jute. Cushioned insole and memory foam for added comfort.  Breathable linen/cotton fabric. In addition, Jute innersole that is fresh and molds to your fee, Natural rubber sole for durability.

It is best to walk with comfortable, beautiful and unique espadrilles !!

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