Woven Straw Hat Great Protection


  • Imported
  • Natural Straw
  • Easy to fold
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Sun Protection


Woven straw hat  great protection from the sun, light and flexible to fold.

Woven straw hat  great protection is perfect for summer, cover up from the sun in style with this straw beach hat. Additionally, the natural color, frayed edge, wide brim and provides a vintage look.

Also, what is the essential accessory for summer? An eye-catching hat that keeps you glamorous and safe from the sun's powerful rays. Whether you're heading to an exotic destination waiting to be explored, planning a laid-back day at the beach with your favorite book and headphones, or planning to spend some quality time with good company and a glass of booze, the hat straw is your new summer essential.

Furthermore, it's perfect for the holidays! Our oversized straw hat packs down easily and provides maximum glamor (and sun protection) with its 8" brim including frayed brim. Likewise, it is easy to combine with any outfit. It folds, easy to store, super light in weight.

Indeed, made of light, natural and flexible straw. 100% Natural. In order to better protect the straw hats for women during transportation, it may be folded. If this happens, please soak the beach hat completely in warm water of 30-40 degrees, keep it for a period of time, put it in a cool place, and let it dry naturally to restore the shape of the straw hat.




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