Towel Poncho 100% Organic Cotton for Kids


  • Sold by unit
  • 100% premium certified organic cotton
  • Comes sizes 0-3 / 3-6 months
  • Hood has a cute padded bear
  • Decorative stitch
  • Imported


Towel Poncho 100% Organic  for kids is a beautiful addition to any kids!

Towel Poncho 100% Organic Cotton  for kids is made with premium certified cotton as a result of high quality.

In addition, They don't have any chemicals, pesticides, and genetically modified seeds.  These poncho are super-soft, absorbent, durable and washable.

Furthermore, provided a comfortable and healthy experience and enjoy the splendor of poncho cotton in your home for kids today.

Alternatively, is a good Idea for babies with sensitive  skin. Easy to DRY & WARM, our design keep baby's head warm and makes your little kids to dry their hair quickly.

The hood has a cute padded bear, so they have fun and are protected.Their comfort is unparalleled. In fact, towel terry cotton is fade resistant and stays soft through many washes. To clean, machine wash cold. To dry, air/tumble dry on low.

As a result, we've placed more emphasis on acquiring goods that are organic and Eco-friendly. Soft, fluffy and absorbent. Furthermore, the terry loops offer a regenerating pampering massage and sense of well-being.

In fact, The unique textured weave combined with terry ensures the towel is quick drying, reducing energy usage during laundry. Available in white. Easy to wash.

Additionally,  Ideal for making bath or beach time fun. It's a Unique Precious Gift For Every Children and New Parents,Our towels also make the perfect gift for years of fun to come. Comes 0-3 / 3-6 months.

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